Awake Intubation in Audio

aka Own the Airway in Audio 002

That’s right, Minh Le Cong and ‘Own the Airway Audio’ are back!

This month on ‘Own the Airway Audio’ Minh speaks to Dr Seth Trueger (@MDaware), a chief resident (i.e. senior registrar equivalent) who works with EMCrit‘s Scott Weingart in New York. Seth’s training has taken him down a resuscitation sub-specialty track, with a focus on the airway. He has a special interest in awake intubation in the ED.

So what’s in this audio interview?

  • Seth tells us about his training and (nervously?) tells us what its like working with Scott
  • How and when to perform awake fiberoptic intubation
  • Seth’s personal experience with the technique
  • The use of non-invasive ventilation for preoxygenation
  • Tips for beginners!
  • What laryngoscope to use..? Video is best but not essential
  • The use of nasal cannulae oxygenation during the procedure
  • Minh and Seth discuss the concept of an ‘awake look’
  • Seth gets put on the spot with an outback Ludwig’s angina retrieval nightmare

Listen to the interview (23 min 14 sec) here:

or click here to download the mp3

… and here is the ‘infamous’ awake intubation video mentioned in the interview:

EMCrit Podcast 18 – The Infamous Awake Intubation Video from Scott from EMCrit on Vimeo.

If you have even the slightest interest in airway management you MUST see the talk Richard Levitan gave at Mount Sinai School of Medicine called ‘Anatomic Insights and Practice Changing Concepts’ (download video here or check out EMCrit Podcast 70). Also, for more Minh Le Cong, check out his new prehospital and retrieval podcast hosted on EMCrit.

Here are some useful links for further learning and reference:

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