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Tech Tutes 150

Do you ever wonder why so many people have an awesome profile photo on their articles and comments – whilst you remain anonymous? A Gravatar will fix that

Google Authorship

Tech Tutes 150

If search is liquid, why doesn’t good quality FOAM rise to the top? We look at Google Authorship and bidirectional verification as a means of validation.

Spanish FOAM

spanish FOAM

Spanish FOAM: Gabi Heras y otra en español basados están difundiendo el mensaje de FOAM para las partes del mundo que necesitan gratuito Open Access Educación Médica más

Let it flow

Let it flow ZDoggMD

Once again ZDoggMD has come up with an anthem for the masses, the prostate masses that is…’Let it Flow’ the latest Frozen parody

World Cup Fever WCF


World Cup Fever: pathological condition where healthy individuals manifest augmented physical responses in the presence of minor noxious stimuli.