Dr Chris 'PrecordialThump' Nickson

An oslerphile intensivist and emergency physician suffering from a bad case of knowledge dipsosis. Key areas of interest include: the ED-ICU interface, toxicology, simulation and the free open-access meducation (FOAM) revolution. + Chris Nickson

CCC Update 010

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Checkout the latest round up of new entries and major revisions in LITFL’s Critical Care Compendium. Enjoy!

The Uncertainty of Truth

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LITFL highlights the ‘Uncertainty of Truth’ from the ‘Dispatches from the FOAM Frontier’ series published by Emergency Medicine Australasia.

CICM SAQ 2014.2 Q17


transthoracic echocardiography (TTE), cardiac arrest, pulmonary embolus, cardiac tamponade, pericardial effusion, ultrasound