Dr Paul Young

A proud graduate of The Breakfast Club, Paul is an Intensivist in Wellington, New Zealand. According to his father, Paul studied medicine after performing a cost-effectiveness analysis of his own biomedical fragility – a champion runner as a youth, he now struggles with a zimmer frame. Although he started out in the ED, Paul feels physically ill whenever he steps foot there these days.| Google |

Fever, Friend or Foe?

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Paul Young’s SMACC talk on ‘Fever, friend or Foe?’ got some of the most positive feedback ever seen on a speaker’s report card. This is his post on the subject of fever in the critically ill, along with the audio and the slides from SMACC.

Troubling Lab Strife

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A patient with chronic myeloid leukaemia and recent treatment with chemotherapy presents will markedly deranged laboratory tests. Can you figure out whats going on?

Puffed Post-Tracheostomy

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An ICU patient has become increasingly ‘puffed’ post-tracheostomy. Can you figure out why? What are your going to do about it?

An Obstetric Bleeder


A 32 year-old woman is referred to the ICU post caesarean section. She had an uneventful elective caesarian section 10 hours previously. She has been referred because in the last 2 hours she has developed vaginal bleeding and oozing from her epidural site.

A Cure for Hurt Feelings


In response to concern (baseless) that the recent uncovering of the Society for the Prevention of Surgery was in some way meant to discredit the invaluable work of our Anaesthetic colleagues, Professor Staghorn and the Board of UCEM have undertaken and exhaustive search of the literature

Is resistance futile?

Resistance Futile

An elderly man with a nasty looking chest x-ray is treated with penicillin. Should the antibiotic be changed in light of his sputum MCS?

Laboratory Tester #004


Acute hepatitis with jaundice and coagulopathy without hepatic encephalopathy is referred to as severe acute hepatitis. Fulminant hepatic failure is defined as the appearance of hepatic encephalopathy in a patient with acute deterioration of liver function with no previous history of liver disease.