Dr Aaron Sparshott

Aaron enjoys venturing into the many realms of medicine particularly those of public health and medical education. When not exploring the mediverse, Aaron takes the time to kick a football, jam on his drums and ’chillax’ at the beach... | Google |

Pimp my iPad 003


In this episode we take a look at how to find the apps we are after quickly (especially good quality medical apps), how we can launch apps, how we can delete them and how we can update them.

Pimp my iPad 002


One the best features of the iPad (and in fact a lot apple devices) is how easy it is to use from the beginning. Anyone, from the technophiles, children through to Orangutans can get use to simply navigating around the iPad.

Imagery in Medicine


Information can be conveyed via many different methods and the brain has a great ability to store this information in a meaningful context. While words have been doing a great job at exchanging information sometimes a simple picture can say a thousand words.