Australasian Health and Medical Blogs

LITFL aim to collate and maintain a list of Australasian (Australia and New Zealand)  Health, Medical, Nursing and Midwifery blogs, with their related twitter accounts. It is often difficult to pick ANZ authors from their postings – so leave a comment on this post so that we can make the list as accurate as possible…

Please leave comments below if you would like to add to the list of ANZ bloggers. The permanent link to this table will be hosted at the Aussie and Kiwi Health and Medical Blogs

AuthorBlogFeedAuthor(s)Twitter LINKSpecialty
DoctorLife in the FastLaneRSSDr Mike CadogansandnsurfEmergency Medicine,
DoctorLife in the FastLaneRSSDr Chris NicksonprecordialthumpEmergency Medicine,
NursingLife in the FastLaneRSSKane GuthrieantidopedEmergency Nursing
DoctorResus.ME blogRSSDr Cliff ReidCliffReidResuscitation, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine
DoctorA Strangers FeverRSSJohn BronzeFamily Medicine
DoctorEmergucateRSSDr Colin Parker
Dr John Larkin
Emergency Medicine
DoctorBroome DocsRSSDr Casey ParkerbroomedocsRural GP
Family Medicine
DoctorSurgeon, InterruptedRSSotorhinolarydocENT Surgery
NursingLuke What HappenedLuke Wainwrightlukie27Emergency Nursing
Doctor [NZ]The Sharp EndRSSDr Andrew Brainard
Dr Chip Gresham
TheSharpEndCrewEmergency Medicine
DoctorKings Cross DocRSSDr Ray Seidler General Practice
Travel Medicine
Addiction Medicine
Doctor [NZ]Kings Cross DocRSSDr Andre BonnyKeeweedocMedicine
DoctorHNE ED Educator BlogRSSDr Scott FlannaganEmergency
DoctorAustralian Health ITRSSDr David MooreHealth Informatics
NursingKeep CaringRSSTamara Hillstamara_hillsNursing
DoctorNew DoctorRSSDr Sujatha HardingMedicine
DoctorPHARM: PreHospital MedRSSDr Minh Le CongrfdsdocPre-hospital
DoctorUnderneaths of EMRSSDr Domhnall BrannigandreapadoirtasEmergency Medicine
DoctorOXYs LOGPre-hospital
ParamedicGCS 14RSSRobPre-hospital
PharmacistBiting The DustRSSRobbobitethedustPharmacy, Indigenous Health, Rural Health
DoctorAnaesthesia MCQDr Kerry BrandisAnaesthesia
DoctorAllergyNet Australia RSSDr John WeinerAllergyNetAllergy, immunology
DoctorAdventure MedicineRSSDr Sean Rothwellrothy001Adventure Medicine
Wilderness Medicine
DoctortjdogmaRSSDr Trevor Jacksontjdogma601Emergency Medicine
DoctorICU PrepDr Chris Andersenchrisando1Intensive Care
NursingWound CareRSSnursesau
FB Page
Wound Care
DoctorED ExamRSSDr Andy BuckEDexamEmergency Medicine
DoctorEmergency EducationDr Kent RobinsondrkentrobinsonEmergency Medicine
DoctorsKI DocsRSSDr Tim LeeuwenburgRural Medicine
DoctorPieter PeachRSSDr Pieter PeachpieterpeachAnaesthetics
Health NewsRHEFRural HealthRural Health
DeparmentBroadComplexRSSFootscray & SunshineEmergency Medicine
DeparmentEMERGPARSSPrincess Alexandra HospitalEmergency Medicine
Health NewsCroakeyRSSMelissa SweetCroakeyBlogHealth
DoctorOz E MedicineRSSDr Gary AytonEmergency, Politics
DoctorMicroGnomeRSSDr Tim Inglismicrognome157Microbiology, Infectious Disease
DoctorProject IV LineRSSDr Aaron SparshottIVlineMedical AID Medical education
DoctorslightlymovingRSSDr David CorbetcorbetronMedicine
Ministry of Health [NZ]Health Improvement and InnovationHIIRC (NZ)hiircMedicine
NurseJamie RanseRSSMr Jamie RansejamieranseDisaster Health
NursingNurses for NursesRSSnursesau
FB Page
NursingImpactED NurseRSS Ian MillerCritical Care, Emergency
Midwife [NZ]Sarah StewartRSSSarah StewartSarahStewartMidwifery, Education
DoctorScalpel's EdgeRSSDr Chris CuthbertsonDrCrisSurgery
Medical StudentSharp InscisionsRSSMedical School
NursingNurse UncutRSSnurseuncutNursing
Medical StudentMy AchalasiaRSSHugh StephensHughStephensMedical School
Medical ScienceMedico WannabeRSSMedico WannabeMedical Science
DoctorDr Ginni MansbergDr Ginni MansbergDr_GinniFamily Practice, Women's Health
Doctor [NZ]Health Informatics BlogRSSDr Chris PatonDrChrisPatonHealth IT
Medical StudentMedically EthicallyRSSNMedical Student
DoctorDocFilesMedicine, Technology
DoctorBJC HealthRSSDr Irwin Lim_connectedcareRheumatology
GroupLiving on the EDgeWollongong HospitalOnTheEDgeinfoEmergency Medicine
GroupRural HealthRSSRural HealthRuralHealthOzRural Health
DoctorPathologic Basis of KTRSSpathologic_ktMedicine
DoctorTwo Weeks on a TrolleyRSSDr ThunderDrThunderBlogPaediatrics
DoctorLifestyle is MedicineDr Garry EggerLifestyleMedLifestyle Medicine
DoctorWestmead Anaesthesia BlogRSSWestmead Department of AnaestheticsAnaesthesia
Medical StudentDoctor Down UnderRSSDr Jasmine Kohxiaow3iMedicine
DoctorEM PEMRSSDr Colin ParkerempemorgPediatric ER
Allied Health [NZ]HealthSkillsRSSDr Bronnie ThompsonadiemusfreeHealthSkills Chronic Pain
NursingSt Vincent's Hospital Darlinghurst - Male NursesRSSPeter McCartneypjjmccartneyNursing BlogDr Peter KasDrPeterKasResuscitation Critical Care Emergency Medicine
Doctor [NZ]Arin Basu BlogRSSDr Arin BasuArinBasuEpidemiology
DoctorPaper MaskRSSPaper MaskMedicine
DoctorMedicine in Oz RSSTheDoctorFamily Medicine GP
Medical StudentDr. Polar PlatypusRSSDr. Polar PlatypusMedical Student
SciencePodBlackRSSKylie SturgesspodblackScience Skeptic
ScienceSkeptics ZoneRSSDr Rachael DunlopDrRachieScience Skeptic
Medical StudentI Don't Do PinkRSS
Health NewsHealth Impact AssessmentRSSBen Harris-RoxasHIAblogMedical Practice
LibraryGreater Western Area Health ServiceRSS
LibraryLibrary ClippingsRSSHealth information and research blog
Medical ResearchBody in MindRSSDr Lorimer MoseleyBodyInMindPain Research
Medical StudentMedically BlondeRSS
MidwifeInfomidwife's narrationsRSSMidwifery
MidwifeThinkBirthRSSCarolyn HastieThinkBirthMidwifery
ParamedicTaz The AmboRSSpieterpeachParamedicine
ParamedicFlobach RepublicRSSFlorian BreitenbachflobachParamedicine
NursingNurse in AustraliaRSSnurseinozNursing

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  1. says

    I’d love to be added to the list -- I write Healthskills Blog on self managing chronic pain. Written for health professionals but read by many. Also known for Friday Funnies (sad but true).

  2. says

    hi Mike,
    I have a really old website AllergyNet Australia established 1995 which I blogged (before it was called blogging) for 15 years, got a bit hard with the other stuff I do (I’m 63) so last year I deleted all the old news items and now microblog about Allergy/Immunology/Medicine on @AllergyNet. I do have a non-medical blog EvenFourLines which is really just for me (ie self-indulgent). Your contribution to medical social media is enormous, congratulations. As an old nerd, I continue to be amazed at the lack of interest most doctors have in this form of further education. BTW, the RACP accepts my Twitter work as enough to cover all my CPD.
    I really enjoy your comments.
    best wishes
    John Weiner

    • says

      Thanks for your kind words John
      Have included your Twitter account and blog
      Not sure that the ACEM will accept my work at Life in the FastLane…especially with the invention of the UCEM to let them now how we ‘really’ feel.
      Keep up the great work

  3. says

    Does it have to be a blog to get listed or will a health and medical website count. is a mental health assessment application that is available in Australia and will soon be available in New Zealand. We’re ramping up our social media strategy and you will be hearing a lot more from us! keep up the great work with LITFL

  4. John Weiner says

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks so much for your continuing hard work for med education. Just to let you know that AllergyNet Australia is relaunched in a new format and I wonder if you could replace EvenFourLines for me on your list with AllergyNet Australia.
    John Weiner

  5. says

    Great blog by you and the list of Australian blogs is fantastic. The link to our North Coast Area Health Service doesn’t work- have the correct url above. Could you change the name to Library Clippings and in the Speciality Section could you add “A health information and research blog .”

  6. says

    Hi Mike,

    I have just put up a resource for critical care trainees to prepare for the CICM Primary Exam. There are plenty of summaries here based on the CICM Syllabus which may also be of use to ACEM/ANZCA candidates. I must confess that I used your ECG tutorial as the basis for a teaching session last thursday with a bunch of military medics and got a great response, so a belated thanks is in order too.

    The site is and twiter feed @chrisando1

    Cheers, Chris

  7. says

    My name is Vin
    I am a GP with an interest in Medical Education and psychotherapy.
    I have started 2 blogs recently which I want to share.
    GP Exam Support at GPExamSupport
    Psychotherapy blog on anything relating to mental health ePsychConnect

    Feel free to give me feedback on this so that we can improve it.

    Thank you.

  8. says

    Hi Mike I am a NZ paramedic (15 years) and also work in Australia on remote/offshore sites. I have just written an autobiographical account of my time as a NZ paramedic called Priority One and am the first NZ working Ambulance Paramedic to write one. If you could add my website to the list I would much appreciate it. Love your website and the varied content.