Interested in Toxicology? APAMT and TAPNA

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You took WHAT??? The more you know, the less you know about a poison…. just look at paracetamol! And if your patient took something you knew a little bit about…. it is always combined with a new chemical name that you have never heard about! Not to mention the forever changing and amazing routes to […]

And now for the news…

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Rick Abbott looks at the news in Tassie and at home in the States, which leads him to contemplate beanies for cops, the fires in Colorado, medical insurance and the joys of electronic health records.

Retrieval in the Red Centre


Minh Le Cong talks to Richard Johnson about life as a retrieval doc with the RFDS in Australia’s Red Centre. Who knows, you might even want to jump on a plane and get over here after listening to this latest PHARM podcast.