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    Mike, thanks for putting your time into this piece of work again, and also for the positive mention of Austin Health. We are really just beginning to have some successes with social media engagement at Austin, and we hope to be connected with a much larger proportion of our community by the next time you do this analysis.

    I know that social media engagment is a real issue for public hospitals, because while the platforms themselves may be free, the investment of staff time to use them for geniune engagement isn’t. I would say that’s the main reason for such big differences between private and public hospitals in your statistics.

    We’re working on integrating our social media accounts into the Austin Health website at the moment, so keep a lookout for that around mid year.

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    Great work Mike!

    It is great to see this information being compiled and shared.

    To put the use of Social Media by Australian Hospitals in perspective it’s worthwhile checking out Ed Bennett’s “Hospital Social Network List” at

    1,229 US Hospitals total

    575 YouTube Channels
    1068 Facebook pages
    814 Twitter Accounts
    566 LinkedIn Accounts
    946 Four Square
    149 Blogs

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      Thanks Ed

      Will be adding some of the European, Canadian and US comparisons in a future post -- didn’t want to scare the guys too much!

      Next stage is try to understand the reasons for lack of interest in Australia…

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    Great work Mike!.
    We are measuring too spanish hospitals use of social media.
    Therefore, we are trying to compare it between countries. Our data say that an 9.3% (73 from 788) of spanish hospitals use ANY social media channel.
    What´s this % in Australian and Canadian hospitals?
    Best regards.