All change please

The #FOAMed revolution (whatever you think of it…) is still bubbling away

One of the key aspects of FOAM is collaboration across global boundaries to advance medical education and content collation, curation and consolidation. This is being achieved as small blog loci are being pulled into streaming filters and being equipped with more appropriate tools to drive information provision.

At LITFL we are strong proponents of information sharing and have been assisting with the hosting and backend data storage for a number of emergency medicine and critical care blogs. This should help with SEO, page speed and improved function of these FOAM blogs. I will be writing more about the specific actions of analytics soon, but for now here are the latest updates to the current EMCC blogs.

A nice way of keeping up to date with ALL the EMCC blogs globally is by subscribing to FOAMEM daily blog updates

The BluntDissection (@Chrispartyka) has moved from .com to .org

Manu Et Corde (@purdy_eve) has moved from .com to .org

KI Docs (@kangaroobeach) has moved from .com to .org

BoringEM (@BoringEM) has moved from .com to .org

SOCMOB (@SOCMOBEM) has moved from blogger to wordpress

The SonoCave (@thesonocave) has undergone a site re-design

EM Journey (@EMtraveller) is starting to think about blogging…

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