Airway Registry & Checklists in Audio

aka Own the Airway in Audio 003

OK Airway freaks, the next installment of Minh Le Cong‘s ‘Own the Airway Audio’ podcast is here!

This month RFDS’s airway kung fu master talks to Dr Toby Fogg from Royal North Shore Hospital about his work on an Australasian ED Registry: Cliff Reid had a great Resus.ME post on Toby’s work recently, triggered by Toby’s response to the recent LITFL blogpost featuring George Douros and the Austin’s RSI Checklist and Action Plan.

This interview discusses:

  • the interesting findings from the airway registry at Sydney’s North Shore Hospital
  • the implementation and impact of RSI checklists on teamwork and outcomes
  • issues of airway skill acquisition and maintenance
  • the role of video laryngoscopes, sux versus roc and cricoid pressure
  • and a call to get involved in an Australasian wide ED airway registry and start saving the world one emergency intubation at a time!

Listen to the interview (23 min 11 sec) here:

or click here to download the mp3

Credit for audio samples: Bruce Lee fighting Chuck Norris, The Eagles, Bruce Lee

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  1. Casey says

    Already signed up to collect some data from our efforts in Broome. Can’t let you southerners have all the fun

  2. Minh Le Cong says

    absolutely Casey! I am restarting my FDEAR registtry for my service based on the new data sheet from Toby’s work.Two nights ago one of our RFDS GP remote doctors along with another visiting GP had to manage a patient with status epilepticus not responding to first line benzodiazepines. With the help of the retrieval doctor over the phone, in the aircraft, both GPs performed a successful RSI intubation prior to arrival of the retreival team. So this emergency airway research is relevant to everyone dealing with emergencies! GET INVOLVED!

  3. says

    great discussion! registries and checklists will both improve practice and save lives, strong work

    just the other day one of my RNs caught me forgetting to ask for a post-tube drip before I got started- well trained by the checklist!

    I love the US/CVC analogy for VL. Of course Levitan put it best- the VL/DL combos allow for skill retention and backup if camera fails. And HQMEDED showed the benefit of recording for QA.

    Can’t wait for the next episode :)


  1. […] Minh Le Cong from recently interviewed Dr Toby Fogg, the author of the airway registry study referenced above, and released it as an audio podcast. The podcast, which contains discussion around the the results of the study plus airway registries in general, RSI checklists, airway skills maintenance, video laryngoscopy, and criciod pressure is here. Min Le Cong’s podcast page, with references, is here. […]