Ad Hominem Attacks on EMCrit

Scott Weingart recently had to deal with an incident on EMCrit. A listener posted a comment that was critical of a person who appeared on the podcast (or at least the listeners impression of him) rather than concentrating on the facts and opinions expressed in the podcast itself. Scott has followed this up with an explanation of his policy on blog comments. He emphasises the need for freedom of speech and the need for non-anonymity. I think his policy is a good one — listen to it here.

It seems that this whole incident has created quite a furore.  Indeed, there are people out there that hope the perpetrators of such ad hominem attacks will soon have their Downfalls…

Of course, this video was submitted to us anonymously… But we strongly suspect the involvement of at least one F.UCEM.

Related links that may explain some of the references in the video:

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  1. Minh le Cong says

    finished an ED late shift tonight where we got slammed…just eating my dinner and saw this on twitter so checked out LITFL.My godfather..funniest thing I have seen in 12 months! Thanks for making my night!

  2. says

    Apparently, now an LMA is used for penile enhancement, too.

    I was getting ready to go to sleep, but I need to stop giggling. first. That might require roc.