ACEM Annual Scientific Meeting 2011

That’s right folks, it’s conference season for emergency medicine all around the world. Move aside Cape Town and Essentials, now it’s time for the 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine in Sydney. This year’s theme is ‘Educating for our Future’, a topic that dovetails nicely with the LITFL ethos.

We’ve sent over our Irish representative and foot-in-mouth expert @PeterAllely , our Kiwi/Sri Lankan education/IEM enthusiast @trainthetrainer, and our quirky, weird and wonderful R&R contributor @Eleytherius (who seems to have got side-tracked by a Banksy exhibition ‘packed full of awesomeness’) who are contributing to the #acem2011 twitter feed. Others contributing include the hash tag orignator @edexam, new AMA Queensland president @almarkwell,  trainee advocate @AWalterPerry and our levitating resuscitationist buddy @cliffreid.

@edexam, @eleytherius and @cliffreid looking like they're having way too much fun... (photo stolen from Cliff Reid)

Click here to check out the #acem2011 twitter feed for up-to-the-minute updates from the conference.

Daily summaries from the conference (with an emphasis on aspects relevant to the Fellowship exam) are appearing over at, and are well worth checking out:

The big news so far (as far as I’m concerned) was the announcement of this year’s ACEM Teaching Excellence Award (pdf explaining the requirements)… The deserving recipient being my friend, mentor, constant inspiration and conspirator, the one and only Mike Cadogan. Congrats Mike!

[blackbirdpie url="!/almarkwell/status/138134094314872835"]

If you’re at ACEM 2011, feel free to drop us a line about anything that gets you fired up or sparks the imagination — and tell us how ‘Sim Wars Oz-Style‘ pans out (look out for the #simwars tweets) — so that those of us on the west coast changing nappies while staring at computer screens can share the experience!

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  1. Michael Guerriero says

    I enjoyed having the opportunity to connect with some fascinating people at #acem2011! As we are working on projects in WA at the moment, it was particularly insightful to hear perspectives on implementation of the 4 hour rule program there. While 6 hours would be more achievable/reasonable, in the end the target seems to help align staff to positive outcomes in terms of reducing Access Block.