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Editors of Life in the Fast Lane

Dr Mike Cadogan @sandnsurf Dr Mike Cadogan FACEM Emergency physician with a passion for medical informatics and medical education Co-founder of HealthEngine. Asynchronous learning and #FOAMed evangelist

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Chris Nickson Precordialthump Dr Chris Nickson FCICM FACEM BSc (Hons) MBChB MClinEpid (ClinTox) DipPaed DTMH A Kiwi oslerphile, intensivist and emergency physician suffering from knowledge dipsosis. Currently working in ICU in Melbourne. Spends much of his time trying to keep calm amid a storm of interests including: SMACC, RAGE, INTENSIVE, iTeachEM, simulation, toxicology, medical history and anecdotes, FOAM, blowing bubbles and changing nappies.

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LITFL Medical Authors

Kane Guthrie Kane Guthrie Kane is an emergency nurse extraordinaire with a special interest in toxicology, critical care concepts and sepsis management in the ED. As the most avid reader on the team, Kane is the custodian of The LITFL Review, a weekly roundup of the very best of EMCC FOAM.

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Dr Edward Burns Dr Ed Burns FACEM Ed Burns is an Emergency Physician working in Prehospital & Retrieval Medicine in Sydney, Australia. He has a passion for ECG interpretation and medical education. Ed is the force behind the LIFTL ECG Library.

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Michelle Johnston Dr Michelle Johnston FACEM Michelle is heavily involved in teaching and loves clinical work, but when it comes to social media, she is like the syndromic cousin in the corner who gets brought out and patted on the head once in a while. Creator of #Path140Physiology Philes and Socrates and Sophistry – and specialises in all things quirky, weird and wonderful.

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Dr Tessa Davis Dr Tessa Davis FACEM Tessa is paediatric emergency trainee originally from Glasgow now living in Sydney.  She loves nothing more than developing and encouraging health innovation, and has setup iClinicalApps (mobile app development) and learnmed (not-for profit social enterprise which runs paediatric first aid training in Aboriginal communities).  The rest of her time is spent entertaining her three lovely children.

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Dr John Larkin Dr John Larkin MB ChB MCEM(UK) John Larkin is an Emergency Medicine Registrar, originally from Liverpool in the UK, now training in Western Australia. His work interests include emergency orthopaedics, ECGs, medical education, and the future of emergency medicine training. When time permits, John’s non-work related interests include MMA, continually fixing his PC, mindless cinema and helping cobble together the ECG library.

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LITFL Guest Bloggers

Dr Rick Abbott Dr Rick Abbott MD Rick Abbott (aka ) has been an ER Doc since 1973 and has bad wanderlust. He is currently Assistant Clinical Professor in a University teaching hospital in Denver, Colorado and has occasional trips to practice in an 8 bed ER at an Indian Health Service Hospital.  He also likes to see medicine from the other side, which he achieves by crashing his bicycle on a regular basis…

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Dr Peter Allely Dr Peter Allely MB BCh BAO DCH FCEM FACEM Trained in Ireland, now living in Perth and working as an Emergency Physician at SCGH. Main interests: Emergency Medicine, Trauma, Cardiology, Simulation training and Protocol development. Main external interests: Work avoidance, football, music a la john peel, art-house films and general Guardian-reader type things.

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Dr Jo Deverill Dr Jo Deverill F.UCEM Jo is an emergency medicine specialist based on the Sunshine Coast. Despite not having an ‘e’ on the end of his Jo, he is male. He learned to write his name as Jo-without-an-e at the age of 3, on his bedroom wall, in Nivea. Nobody bothered to correct his spelling then so he was stuck with a girl’s name forever. This has caused disappointment at job interviews.

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Dr Tor Ercleve Dr Tor Ercleve BSc MBChB (Manc) FACEM Emergency Physician at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital with a keen interest in Clinical Education and medical illustration. I do not have a functioning mobile phone and I do not understand Blogs, Twittles, Bookface and other forms of modern communication. I find this greatly restricts my ability to do anything useful

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Dr Gerard Fennessy Dr Gerard Fennessy MB ChB PGDipComEmMed Kiwi ICU Registrar working at the Austin Hospital, Melbourne, as an ACEM and CICM advanced trainee. Toyed with Skifield Medicine on Mt Ruapehu and Ocean Medicine in USA/Mexico. Interests include shoulder dislocations, ECGs and organ donation. ‘Junior’ is a signed up member of the Beige Brigade and spends his spare time hacking and repairing iPhones, cracking wireless networks and building chicken hutches.

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Dr Jeremy Fernando Dr Jeremy Fernando BMedSc (bioethics) MBChB FANZCA Jeremy is a dual trained Intensivist – Anaesthetist and is the beating heart of the Critical Care Compendium. He is a dad of 2 and husband of 1. He used to enjoy dancing, lifting weights and contemplating the meaning of life. Now his favourite past time is uninterrupted sleep. His advice to those sitting specialist exams is ‘knowledge is required, but TECHNIQUE is more important than you realise’.

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Jarrad Hall Jarrad Hall F.UCEM The original inventor of therapeutic botulism toxin (BotNap); ListGran and defTox. Cdr. Biscuit remains a controversial proponent of the functional use of microbes to cure medical ailments (and make some cold hard cash). AKA Jarrad Hall

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Prof Tim Inglis Prof Tim Inglis BM DM DTM&H PhD FRCPA FACTM FRCPath A Medical Microbiologist and Field Investigations Manager based at SCGH and creator of – Understanding the Language of Infection. He is president of the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine and has an alter ego known as the micrognome. He has a keen interest in too many things to mention, but they include fencing, clinical education, Crazy Bug Hunters

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Dr Brian Kloss Dr Brian Kloss Emergency medicine physician and assistant professor at the SUNY Upstate Medical University and the VA Medical Center in Syracuse, New York. Author of Kloss and Bruce | Toxicology Flashcards | LITFL Flashcards

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Dr Ryan Kohler Dr Ryan Kohler Sports Concussion Australasia – first community based concussion programme in Australia and New Zealand – Sports Concussion Australasia

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Dr Yosef Leibman Dr Yosef Leibman MD Yosef Leibman is currently a senior attending in the ED at Meir Hospital in Kfar Sava, Israel and is affiliated with the Tel Aviv University of Medicine. A prolific author and speaker in both Israel and the United States, Yosef was the founder and first Editor-in-Chief of the Israeli Journal of Emergency Medicine. Since 1998 he has produced the amazing Emergency Medicine Update. Read PostsLinkedIn
Dr Doug Lynch Dr Doug Lynch F.UCEM Poorly Differentiated (Royal Flying) Doctor. Perpetual Student. Jack of all trades, master of none. Critical Carer. Opinions; lots & all of them mine. #FOAMed evangelist

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Dr Bishan Rajapakse Dr Bishan Rajapakse MB ChB (Otago) Bishan is an Emergency Medicine Registrar and a PhD candidate (ANU), currently writing up his findings from an exotic journey of International Research in Toxicology and Medical Education. His passions includeInternational Emergency Medicine, Dancing, Surfing and Tropical Toxicology

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Dr joe rotella  Dr Joe-Anthony Rotella MBBS BSc ED Registrar working at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne Australia, self-confessed Toxicology enthusiast and supporter of #FOAM. His interests include medical education, clinical teaching, advocacy for registrars (as Victorian Training Representative for ACEM) and medical leadership. In his spare time (whenever that is), Joe enjoys spending time with his amazing wife, comedies, pop culture and Dr Who. In fact, he sometimes wishes he could use a sonic screwdriver at work…one day…

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Dr Sean Rothwell Dr Sean Rothwell MBBS FACEM FAWM Hardwood eucalypt timber farmer and part-time Emergency Physician at RBWH with a passion for Wilderness Medicine, emergency ultrasound and echocardiography. Adventure Medic providing medical assistance in the field of Extreme Medicine.

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Dr Aaron Sparshott Dr Aaron Sparshott BSc MBBS Aaron is a medical student at the University of Queensland (UQ) and creator of Project IV Line. Project IV Line is a blog that focuses on investigating and sharing information on public health issues, clinical and biomedical sciences and medical education.

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Tharsa Thillainadesan Dr Tharsa Thillainadesan BSc BCom MBBS University of Sydney grad (Science & Commerce) who has seen the light! Recently graduated from University of Notre Dame (WA), Tharsa is an Intern at Westmead Hospital in the hustle and bustle of Sydney. She is a self proclaimed dork who spends all waking hours satisfying her thirst for medical knowledge by researching, blogging and eclecticizing

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Dr James Winton

Dr James Winton BMedSc MBBS FACEM Emergency Physician at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, heavy metal fan, runs to work (sometimes). Recently converted to #FOAM. James believes everything you need to know about emergency medicine can be learned from watching reruns of ER…

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Dr Paul Young Dr Paul Young BSc (Hons) MB ChB FCICM Intensivist in Wellington, NZ and proud graduate of The Breakfast Club. The machine behind the Critical Care Drug Manual, ICU Mind Maps and plenty of case-based Q&As. Paul studied medicine after performing a cost-effectiveness analysis of his own biomedical fragility (champion runner as a youth) he now struggles with a zimmer frame.

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