A is for Alice… and Awesome!

A few familiar faces feature in the latest and, quite possibly, greatest entry in the escalating conflict known as the SMACC SimWars.

I’m sure you’ll agree that ‘Fear and Loathing in Alice Springs’ by the Desert Doctors takes this competition to a whole new (slightly insane) level:

Team Leader in the video is Richard Johnson, who spoke to Minh Le Cong about the joys and challenges of retrieval in Central Australia in PHARM Podcast 014 – Retrieval medicine in the Red Centre with Dr Richard Johnson. The SMACC doctor is Pete Wyllie, the inaugural recipient of a F.UCEM PhD (Publically happy to Display) award for base jumping in the fast lane as featured in LITFL takes a leap of faith. Pete has another great (music) video on Living and working in Alice Springs 2011 that he made as a lowly Intern. The precordial thumper is my old mate Sammy Goodwin, who for some strange reason is yet to enter the FOAMosphere… Fortunately, we have the remaining ‘Desert Doctor’ Clare Richmond (@drbear13) well and truly on board!

Finally, if you want to work in a truly remarkable place with great people and great medicine, get yourself to Alice Springs STAT… I can certainly recommend it!

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  1. Minh Le Cong says

    Do something different & learn a bit about Australia.
    Meet great people
    Live a life out of the ordinary
    Be extraordinary
    Find yourself
    Go remote