A Gobbet O’ Pus

Infectious diseases specialist Mark Crislip’s A Gobbet O’ Pus surely comes close to achieving the Platonic ideal of a medical podcast.

That may seem like a extravagantly forthright claim but pound-for-pound this is easily the most pustulicious podcast on itunes right now.

How so?

It’s the caseating combination of irreverent erudition, combined with the fact that wit is to this podcast, what pus is to a Bartholin’s — it simply oozes out of it, drips onto the floor and fills the air. What’s more, the podcast truly is a gobbet, coming in 5 minute installments ideal for the modern day ADHD-affected (wo)man. I also can’t help admire that quacks and woo merchants get kicked into touch at every available opportunity. And, importantly, you don’t have to open your wallet – it’s free!

So, if you want a painless and endlessly entertaining way of expanding your infectious diseases horizons check out the ‘adventures of a Pus Whisperer’ as told through 100+ episodes of A Gobbet O’ Pus.

You’ll be glad to know that the gobbet series is only a small part of the Mark Crislip multimedia empire. From this Central Repository you can access even More Mark Crislip:

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