2013 in Review – A FOAM of a Year

2013 has been an amazing year for FOAM and the Emergency Medicine and Critical Care community as it branches out into the online space.

There has been significant advancement in the alternate asynchronous learning resources, contextual educational tools and revolutionary learning strategies being developed. Notably the creativity, diligence and altruistic sharing capacity of the EMCC community has, at times, been overwhelming.

The FOAM community is expanding exponentially through the prudent use of novel, free, open-source tools and resources and is now able to communicate rapidly and cohesively on a global scale to advance the cause of Free Open Access Medical Education for all.

Yet the naysayers will nevertheless still need a peer-reviewed, archetypal, dust laden, hand delivered, coffee-table book/journal synopsis to corroborate the above statements and sentiments – and as a compliant, non-iconoclastic member of the community, we have actually submitted a paper, so you should be able to read about this formally…sometime in 2015

In the meantime, as we await the decaying trundle of bureaucracy – here are some stats for my goldfish friends.

We tracked the FOAM RSS feeds with FOAMEM and observed…

Over the course of the last 18 months the LITFL team have been heavily involved in assisting with the development, transition, translation and transposition of over 100 new and not so new FOAM EMCC blogs.

Statistical analysis of these EMCC websites saw…

  • the creation/re-invigoration of 45 new blogs
  • the arrival of 3,843,530 unique visitors
  • with an amazing 10,132,276 page views

A friend in feed is a friend indeed


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  1. says

    We can use SoMe as a tool of the FOAM philosophy for knowledge translation.
    This will result in better health care for patients.
    FOAM is making the world a better place.

  2. David Levy says

    I used to be a bibliomaniac of emergency medicine for 25 years (until moving to NZ from USA, and donating to local medical school), but FOAM provides me with a way of satisfying my quest for learning the latest and greatest in EM. Thanks