7 Links for Bloggers Challenge

Prompted by a recent post on Problogger I thought it would be fun to try and complete the 7 links for Bloggers challenge! It certainly made me think, and it has been fun trawling through the archives. I am hoping that more medical bloggers will take up this challenge…

  • Your first post – the first Life in the Fast lane post was back in September 2008. it was a review of GoPubMed.org as a semantic search engine for PubMed articles. On the day it was published it was viewed by 4 people…
  • A post you enjoyed writing the mostIs Twitter the essential Blogging nutrient? Prompted by a series of conversational musings and twitterings the concept of a ‘blogging ecosystem’ became apparent. With the ‘blogging host’ as the primary producer and ‘blog posts’ as distribution seeds – I went in search of the other energy sources necessary to create a fit, healthy and viable blog.
  • A post which had a great discussion – Life in the Fast Lane generates little in the way of comments and discussion on the blog itself, but stimulates conversation mainly on Facebook and Twitter. In the old days, readers felt inclined to use more than their thumb to click the ‘like‘ button and used to partake in intrablogging discourse. One such blog post which generated discussion was Information Overload by Dr Chris Nickson.
  • A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written – An example of one such post would be “Please make her comfortable“. Basically, we can be a tad esoteric and evidence driven here at LITFL, so any post by a medical writer deeply imbued with literary ability is held in high esteem by the LITFL team. I speak of writers such as @bongi (other things amanzi) and Jim (StoryTellERdoc). I wish I could write so beautifully, so empathetically and with such reasoned and inviting prose.
  • A post with a title that you are proud of – Now this a tricky one…as we are not renowned for formulating catchy titles to posts. In the context of the Utopian College it would have to be “Fellows of the UCEM embrace WHORe model“. It certainly grabbed people’s attention and prompted discussion on a hotly debated and controversial topic
  • A post that you wish more people had readThe Times They are a Changing –  This post took a long time to prepare and research and was an ‘tipping point’ in the development of the Life in the Fast Lane blog. Unfortunately, probably due to it’s length and complexity, it was read by only a handful of people. The post was viewed 200 times in the first month when the posts either side were viewed over 5000 times…

Soaking in the winter sun

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