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TechTool review 3D Health by Archie MD on iOS

3D Health provides 3D digital animation videos in order to be able to effectively explain procedures or conditions to your patients

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  • It’s ok. But for the cost of the app, I’d expect something a little prettier.
  • For example, on the iPhone version all the buttons are crushed together at the top. If you actually wanted to share an image with someone you’d need tiny fingers to be able to press the share button. This is a bad design flaw in an app by a well-established company.
  • The interactive human body section has some great animation but the controls aren’t particularly intuitive and I gave up trying to work them out after a while.
  • Also, the app crashed on me after I got stuck in the interactive human body section….Aaargh

User Interface

3d health anatomy 1

3d health anatomy 2

3d health anatomy 3

Clinical Content

The app contains over 100 short videos, which explain particular conditions (e.g. brain haemorrhage, migraine, kidney stones)

  • Videos can be stored offline for later use
  • The interactive human body section can be used to illustrate specific anatomy – the images here can be annotated and shared with others


  • $34.99. No that wasn’t a typo.

Room for Improvement

  • There is a large bar at the bottom of each screen which says “More available:          “. But it doesn’t seem to do anything. Random waste of screen space and annoying for the app users.
  • The background music for each video is an irritating distraction.
  • The app claims that you can draw and annotate all the graphics but I do not think this feature actually exists (except on the interactive human body).
  • The buttons are so small on the iPhone version that I actually got stuck on the interactive human body section until I found an available child with tiny fingers.


  • It’s unclear who this app is aimed at. Their website indicates it’s for both doctors to show their patients; and for the patients themselves.
  • I can’t really see when I’d use this app in practice. I’m hardly going to show my patients a 2 minutes video on my phone explaining influenza. Are we trying to completely kill doctor-patient communication?!
  • And if I was a patient with a specific condition, then I’m not going to pay $35 for 100 videos, only one of which nicely illustrates how my haemorrhoids formed.
  • Bottom line: in a world of fabulous online education for patients and doctors, I cannot see any reason to spend your money on this app. To charge this much, ArchieMD really needs to step up the quality of the design and the user interface.


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  1. says

    Thank you for reviewing ArchieMD 3D Health. In our most recent version, 1.07, you will find fixes to several of the issues you experienced here. We are continuously striving to improve our product, and appreciate your time and comments. In version 1.07 you will find: Updated interface for iOS7, higher sensitivity for annotations (found in both IHB and video pages), improved functionality of the Interactive Human Body, and selectable tree navigation added to IHB. In addition, a free preview ( is now available for download.

    Thank you again. We hope we have resolved any functionality issues you experienced. There are a few issues we are still working to address and will be issuing future updates for. For any additional feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at