2013: Year of the Ultrasound

I just heard from Mike and Matt at the Utrasoundpodcast that 2013 is the Year of the Ultrasound.

It’s true (at least in the USA),  AIUM and SUSME are the co-organizers of the 2013: Year of Ultrasound initiative.

Of course every year should be year of the Ultrasound. If you’re a FOAMaholic you probably think every year already is, given the fantastic FOAM resources out there that can help us all be better with the probe. But there is still plenty work to be done to get a sound stick in the hand of every emergency medicine and critical care doc out there, and to ensure they know what to do with it when its there (remember the Ultrasound Training Rant?).

That’s why the latest edition of the UltrasoundPodcast is a must listen – it is a brisk run through the incredible utility of bedside ultrasound — in relatively inexperienced hands in many cases — and why we need to start teaching and learning ultrasound as early as possible in medical training.

So, turn out the lights and get probing!

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